About CHG

I did not begin as a hunter. And, you won’t see me use the word huntress to describe myself. Nor will you find me in pink camo.

I began as vegetarian.

I began as a writer and an editor exploring our connection and responsibility with food harvesting. What began as an opportunity to work with gardening companies on a grant against hunger, became a career about our connection to food.

With this passion in food harvesting, and a family background of hunters and fishermen, I tried something new. And…I loved it!

I’ve been supported, learning by a team of hunters and fishermen living in rural North Carolina and South Carolina. We are a diverse group, different ages, different specialties, but we are all home in the outdoors. We hunt ducks to turkeys to big game and everything in between. We’ve traveled for hunts from Canada to Texas. We are sportsmen and sportswomen.

Each hunt has a story… the camaraderie among hunters, the hunting trips, the settings, the fields, the hunting blinds, the deer stands, the hunting gear, the sounds… It is the total experience. This hunting and fishing news site and resource guide is to share this experience. It will cover a ton of hunting resources and any hunting tips picked up along the way.

The love for hunting is not limited to hunting seasons. It’s about walking through the woods and open fields. The hope is to pass respect and skills surrounding the outdoors, conservation and wildlife management.

If you like to see something we haven’t covered, please leave a comment and let us know! And, if you have any questions, just ask!

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